The Minnesota Jets is a Nonprofit Youth Association offering Cheerleading opportunities for all,
and supporting the sport of cheer throughout Central Minnesota, including Saint Cloud, MN!


Cheerleading is a challenging and unique sport that is uncommon compared to most others. If someone is sick or injured, you must pull someone new into their position, having them learn their stunts, tumbling, and dance positions, often within 30min. In cheerleading, having someone fill in from the bench is not easy. If there is not someone available to step in, then their stunt group would have to mark their stunts (not stunting), and there is a hole left in the dance and tumbling formations. Cheerleading is truly a team sport. The stunt groups, pyramids, and routine relies on every individual performing to their highest level. To develop the team bonding necessary for successful performances and skill progressions, we create opportunities for the cheerleaders to volunteer their time giving back to their communities and others. We believe philanthropy is a cornerstone of leadership development and the secret to establishing a unique culture within any cheer program.

The Minnesota Jets as a nonprofit organization works to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to experience cheerleading, by working with families that may have financial barriers. Teams are developed within the organization based on the need of the athletic population and where their skill sets are at. If there is an athlete that is struggling to achieve certain skills, additional training opportunities are established to assist the advancement of that athlete. We believe philanthropy is a cornerstone to leadership development and the secret to establishing a unique culture within the program where every individual excels because they have a passion for their team and a desire to achieve that next level.  

Cheerleading is about being a part of something greater than yourself. We see this with our Minnesota Jets cheerleaders, their families, and the legacy forming within what will be an incredible program. Uniforms and bows do not make the cheerleader; those are merely the branding of something far more amazing

National Champions - Minnesota Jets - Thunderbolts - Level 2.1 (non/aff) 2023

What we've done

Representing Saint Cloud, Minnesota, and surrounding communities. Our Cheerleaders, Coaches, and families work hard volunteering, performing at competitions, and offering unique opportunities that offer cheer experiences to all!

2022.2023 SEASON
2 Competition Teams
1 - First Place State
1 - Second Place State
1 - Second Place - Regions (hit zero deductions)
1 - Nationals Championship (hit zero deductions twice)

Full Scholarship - 8 Families
Partial Scholarship - 6 Families

Over 300+ Volunteer Hours 

2023.2024 SEASON
Starting April/June 2023 - results pending